2021 Allgemein Ruwenzori Uganda

Memorandum of Understanding

Die zweckgebundenen Spenden sind in ausreichender Höhe vorhanden, die Vereinbarung zum Projekt „Sauberes Wasser für Ruboni“ wurde heute von allen Vertragspartnern unterschrieben. Aus technischen Gründen können hier die Unterschriften und die Stempel nicht dargestellt werden.

Project Partner Contract
“Clean Water for Ruboni”

  1. The German association „Partnerschaft Gesunde Welt – Klinikverbund Südwest e.V.“  
    (short: “PGW“, Sponsor NGO)

Ursprungweg7 7
1263 Weil der Stadt
1. Chairman: Wolfgang Fischer
E-Mail: w.m.e.fischer (at) gmx.de
2. Chairman: Heiner Stepper
E-Mail: heiner.stepper (at) posteo.de

Project Contact: Wolfgang Fischer
Website: www.partnerschaft-gesunde-welt.de
Phone +49 7033 34444
mobil +49 157 744 94 339


Counsellor Sandy Fisher, USA
Counsellor Pater Joseph, Caritas
Counsellor Stefan Kluge, Uganda


  1. Rwenzori Child Care Initiative (short “RCCI”, Acting NGO)

Address: P.O. 320
Director: Kule Isaak
Project Director: Kule Isaak
E-Mail: info (at) travelruboni.com
Kuleisaac65 (at) gmail.com
Phone +256 775 159 837

+256 752 613 220

Trust person: Elly Bwabu
E-Mail : bwabuelly (at) gmail.com
Website: www.travelruboni.com

Bank Account        See Annex B


  1. Municipal administration
    Local council Ibanda-Kyanya T/c > Bwambale Monbt K.
    b.modest34 (at) gmail.com
    +256 772 782 480

    Town council > Syabugha Johnson



1Muhindo John JumadoChairman0788130870
2Batsurana RusianoVice/chairman07797802315
3Bwambale JacobSecretary0786075505
4Ithungu SplanzaTreasurer0786337281
5Kabugho MoreenMember0773272162
6Muhongya M.ElishaRep:Lc10774552065
7Isebabulya AlfredAdvisor0771271052
8Masika FelestusWomen0773597389
9Mbindule JoylineVHT0772801621
10Bwambale Robert NasonRep:Lc30780585427
11Thembo MosesYouth0786083543

Rep- Representative, Local council one and three
VHT –Village health team

agree to cooperate in the Project “Clean water for Ruboni”  as follows.

Project Goals

The goals and planned actions of the project are:

  1. In the future, the population of Ruboni and its surroundings will be supplied with clean spring water to minimize diseases and deaths, especially in young children.
  2. For this reason, water pipes are laid from a higher source at least 60 cm deep into the ground to be directed into a cleaning tank. The water is then directed to decentralized tanks near the residences. The water can be removed from these decentralized tanks with canisters by pressing a push button. The push button prevents unwanted water removal.
  3. We are going to use plastic tanks starting from the supply tank/treatment tank and the break pressure tanks. However the foundation of the tanks shall be a slab made of concrete, the sedimentation and the source shall be made of concrete.
  4. Refering to the area  around  the  source the community has agreed to offer land  for free to realize the water project and the source will be protected from any human activities that can negatively affect the source. This was witnessed by the chairman of the local council and the ridge leader.
  5. The water project does not belong to one person, it is a community based project, it belongs to everyone in the community . The committee will be working for two years after a new committee will be in charge.  However it will depend on how the committee has worked because it is a voluntary work.
  6. The size of the land at the source is big enough (50ft x50ft) and the water committee will be responsible for the use of that land.
  7. We have one committee for the land. However this committee is working with the Rwenzori  child care board during the planning phase and during the construction process. After its completion the water project will be handed  over to the water committee by RCCI board and by a representative from the Association Partnership Healthy World,Germany.
  8. If our measures are not sufficient to keep the water clean and free of bacteria and viruses, we will think about further filter systems to be installed in a second step.
  9. After the completion of the project, we will carry out an evaluation and, with the help of a checklist from PGW, ask all residents for benefits in terms of improved living conditions, faster access to water and improved health conditions.

Steps involved

1.  Consult with the District Water and Environmental officer.
2.  Process of surveying.
3.  Evaluate the community and also see the local council members.
4.  Measuring the water capacity and how good or useful it is.
5.  Construction
6. Select communities to manage the water source just in case of any kind of abuse. Thus the committee is involved to take responsibility.
7. All this process should go hand in hand with local council leaders, Ridge elders and town council engineers.

Time-Frame                      6 months (10/2021 – 03/2022)

Special donators

  • Weisses Ballett e.V.
  • Kinderhilfe-grenzenlos e.V.
  • Fam. Gayde
  • Fam. Sonnleitner
  • Fam. Fischer
  • Jan-Frederik Winckler 100 km Spendenlauf

Project Location:

Kasese District, Ibanda-kyanya town council, Busongora County, Ruboni Village.

Project situation:

Ruboni is located in rural Uganda in the western region in the foothills of Rwenzori Mountains. The fact that more than 70 % of the population are staying in these hilly areas is due to traditional beliefs according to which staying on hills and near the forests would ensure good luck. It is also believed that gods stay in forests and guarantee fertile soil security and protection. The hilly areas provide viewpoints to prevent attacks from enemies.
50 years ago the size of the population was smaller. Now it has increased which has led to environmental degradation, water contamination, poor methods of farming, destruction of water sources, soil erosion.
The location of Ruboni is surrounded by 3 ridges each of which is accommodating more than 60 households with an average of 7 people in each house hold. 60% of the population are children 14 years and below.
Last year the village has been hit by floods, so most of the water streams have been destroyed and most families have no clean and safe water to drink, others are travelling long distance to get access to water.

Project Budget

The cost of the project is estimated to be about 37.500.000 UGX (maximum project sum are 9.000,00 Euro).
The budget and project schedule is documented in Appendix A.
The project will be funded from following sources:

PGW with special donators                                                                                                  9.000 Euro

Local donators                                                                                                    895 Euro

Current water charges: water-users

PGW will provide the following financial contribution to the project:
9.000 Euros will be transferred until  14 th October 2021

The Project Manager Kule Isaak or, in case of absence to act as a substitute Elly Bwabu, from RCCI will inform chairman Wolfgang Fischer and in Cc 2. chairman Heiner Stepper from PGW about the progress of the project, especially about significant changes in schedule (one month or more) or cost estimates (>10%).
RCCI will send PGW the following documentation:

  • Every end of every two weeks PGW receive pictures of activities and a short status report
  • Every end of a month PGW receive an overview of the costs incurred and the scanned invoice documents
  • PGW receives an evaluation report based on the checklists prepared by PGW together with RCCI three months and 12 months after the residents commissioned the new plant.
  • PGW will inform its members on www.partnerschaft-gesunde-welt.de accordingly.


This agreement is valid when signed by partners 1-3.

Ruboni, 13.09.2021  signed Kule Isaak, Director RCCI

Ruboni,  13.09.2021 signed Sabugha, J., Chairman local council Ruboni

Weil der Stadt, 13.09.2021 signed Wolfgang Fischer, Chairman PGW e.V.

Annex A: Budget

Information updated in mail of 25.08.2021

1Land for source and segmentation tank100×50 ft12,000,0002,000,000donor 
2Land for Reserve tank and 3 DPT  1,500,0001,500,000 Community
3Survey and BOQ 11,500,0001,500,000donor 
4Yards  400,000400,000 community
5Trench digging1129m 1,500,0001,500,000 community
 Subtotal   6,900,000  
 Building Materials      
6Tank plastic8000ltr13,000,0003,000,000donor 
8Bricks 2500260650,000donor 
9Sand 6trip130,000780,000donor 
10Aggregate 3trip150,000450,000donor 
11Iron barsBig2037,000740,000donor 
12Wire mish 630,000180,000donor 
13Binding wire 10kg6,50065,000donor 
14Timbers 20pc17,000340,000donor 
15Nails 20kg9,000180,000donor 
16DPC 10m4,00040,000donor 
17Water proof cement 15kg15,000225,000donor 
 Subtotal   9,050,000  
 Plumbing materials    donor 
18HDPE pipe40mm1600,000600,000donor 
19HDPE pipe32mm3330,000990,000donor 
20HDPE pipe25mm14220,0003,080,000donor 
21HDPE pipe20mm4130,000520,000donor 
22HDPE connectors40mm225,00050,000donor 
23HDPE connectors32mm615,00090,000donor 
24HDPE connectors25mm2012,000240,000donor 
25HDPE connectors20mm610,00060,000donor 
26Male adaptor40mm420,00080,000donor 
27Male adaptor32mm615,00090,000donor 
28Male adaptor25mm210,00020,000donor 
29Male adaptor20mm158000120,000donor 
30Back bolts40mm214,00028,000donor 
31Back bolts32mm610,00060,000donor 
32Back bolts25mm12 5,00060,000donor 
33HDPE reducing socket32×25418,00072,000donor 
34HDPE reducing socket25×20  412,00048,000donor 
35HDPE Tee25X201213,000156,000donor 
36GI Tee25mm33,0009,000donor 
37GI pipe40mm1150,000150,000donor 
38GI pipe32mm2120,000120,000donor 
39GI pipe25mm270,000140,000donor 
40GI pipe20mm250,000100,000donor 
42GI Elbows40mm510,00050,000donor 
43GI Elbows32mm127,00084,000donor 
44GI Elbows25mm145,00070,000donor 
45GI Elbows20mm253,00075,000donor 
46GI union40mm215,00030,000donor 
47GI union32mm39,00027,000donor 
48GI union25mm86,00048,000donor 
49GI nipple40mm27,00014,000donor 
50GI nipple32mm65,00030,000donor 
51GI nipple25mm103,00030,000donor 
52GI socket40mm59,00045,000donor 
53GI socket32mm67,00042,000donor 
54GI socket20mm103,00030,000donor 
55Gate valve40mm270,000140,000donor 
56Gate valve32mm645,000270,000donor 
57Gate valve25mm825,000200,000donor 
58Gate valve20mm1218,000216,000donor 
59Ball valve32mm145,00045,000donor 
60Ball valve25mm335,000105,000donor 
61Thread tapeBig243,00072,000donor 
 Subtotal   8,506,000donor 
64Heavy duty12”125,00025,000donor 
65Heavy duty14”130,00030,000donor 
66Heavy duty18”138,00038,000donor 
67Pangas 510,00050,000donor 
68Hoes 2014,000280,000donor 
69Spades 1012,000120,000donor 
70Axes 210,00020,000donor 
71Pick axe 210,00020,000donor 
72Tape measure 26,00012,000donor 
 Subtotal   655,000donor 
73Tree seedlings 2000250500,000donor 
73Water tank fences 2 1,000,000donor 
 Subtotal   1,500,000donor 
 Transport and lobour      
74General transport  1,500,0001,500,000donor 
75Transport to source  2,500,0002,500,000donor 
76Labour  5,000,0005,00,000donor 
 Subtotal   9,000,000donor 
77Contagious5%  1,780,550donor 
 Grand total   37,391,550  
 EUROS13800 9834  

Community contribution 895 Euros, Donors 8939 Euros

Annex B


Name of Signatory          Rwenzori child care initiative
Name of the Bank           Centinary Rural development Bank
Account Number             3201585798
Branch:                             Kasese

Annex C

Project scetch (Tanks in Plastic like described)
Siehe Bericht vom 25.08.2021